WO社區 02

WO的管理者們覺得社區需要一些年輕的血液,於是一隻小鳥帶著邀請函飛出了社區 ... L.I.S.A是一縷寄居在一幅機械身體裡的煙霧,祂在一天工作中收到一封信,
寫著: “時間如此有限,身體也有保質期 莫大的不公平真令人不忿!
時間應該澆灌在正確的植物上 只有精神上的快樂真正屬於自己 ”
於是L.I.S.A啟程, 按照書信上的指示,出發前往WO社區 ...

印刷工藝: 內頁EPSON藝術微噴 封面數字印刷
成書尺寸: 140mm*205mm
紙張: Fantac Matte paper 230g 再生紙板
裝幀工藝: 折頁膠裝 激光切割
首次印刷日期: 2021年 80版
頁數:56 p

WO Community 02

The managers of WO need more young blood in this community, so a bird flew out of here carrying their invitations ...
L.I.S.A is a curve of fog parasitizing inside a mechanical shell. It has received a letter during work one day, saying: “ How limited time is. Even one’s body has a shelf life. What an extreme unfairness! It is only right that certain plants should be watered by time. And only happiness in spirit could stay loyal to ourselves.”
Therefore, L.I.S.A started the trek to the WO community ...

Printing :Epson Giclee print
Size :  140mm*205mm
Papers :  Fantac Matte paper 230g |  recycled cardboard
Pages :  56