可以通往一個遙遠且神秘的空間,空間内存在一個名為WO的社區,裡面住著許多不為人知的居民 ...

印刷工藝: 內頁EPSON藝術微噴 封面數字印刷
成書尺寸: 140mm*205mm
紙張: Fantac Matte paper 230g 再生紙板
裝幀工藝: 折頁膠裝 激光切割
首次印刷日期: 2021年 80版
頁數:56 p

WO Community

There is a secret door or a so-called tunnel in reality which could lead us to a remote and mysterious space. In that space, lies a community named WO, whose residents are unspotted by the outside world.
Some of the residents in WO manage or work for this community with their talents and thinking abilities. They organize and nourish the whole community including the residents who live here.
It’s their job to protect this space from outsiders.

Printing :Epson Giclee print
Size :  140mm*205mm 
Papers :  Fantac Matte paper 230g |  recycled cardboard
Pages :  56